Equinox Product Review

Equinox Review – Legally “hack” other peoples YouTube videos

In my Equinox review I will be going through this new software plus training from Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and Joshua Zamora. Equinox is a brand-new software that will make anyone get easy commissions in more time, is they take action.

Jono, Brendan and Joshua are Super Affiliates, so they know what they are doing when it comes to online marketing and making money, as they make a lot of money online.

Equinox Review
Equinox Review


Inside the members are of Equinox, there are 9 over the shoulder videos, were Jono explains what the Equinox method is all about and how the Equinox software will help you make those $100+ commissions every day.

In a nutshell, the Equinox software is all about YouTube and how you can hijack other people’s videos, but replacing the broken link in their video description, with your own.


Equinox Review
Equinox Review


I think this Equinox method is genius and it is specially going to help newbies that haven’t had luck making any money online yet, to make their first sales.

YouTube is a goldmine but I know a lot of people don’t like to put themselves on camera, so with Equinox they can finally make money with YouTube but without having to do all the work themselves.

All you need to do for this Equinox method to work is to take action and you will be making some passive income in no time.

Equinox Review
Equinox Review


Another thing I like about Equinox is that there are tutorials on how to use it step by step and also training on different ways you can monetise those videos. A lot of courses out there, they just sell you the software and let you to figure it out but in Equinox, Jono gives you 5 different ways to make money from those videos, so it a very complete course.

It is also good to point out, that you don’t need to use the Equinox software just to monetize make money online offers, it can be in any niche and the link in the video description don’t need to be affiliate links, it can be replaced with a link to your funnel or eCom store. There is an ocean of possibilities.

Equinox Review
Equinox Review


My final Equinox review is that this is a great software that will help anyone make money online fast and easy, without having to do any of the work themselves. Anyone can succeed with this method and this software.

I also love how Jono does the training Equinox. Is very straightforward and to the point. And also, very easy to follow and understand.


OTO1 of Equinox – up to 500 searches per day + “Advanced” monetization training.

OTO2 of Equinox – Equinox Wikipedia Version + Case Studies

OTO3 of Equinox – DFY $1k Commission System

OTO4 of Equinox – Access Over 35 “Deal Of The Day” Products

OTO5 of Equinox – Licence Rights to sell Equinox as their own




Intro To Affiliate Marketing – A basic overview of how Affiliate Marketing works


6 Copy & Paste Campaigns You Can Use – 6 Full Affiliate Marketing campaigns with a written review, video review and bonuses all done for you, you just need to request your links.


How To Make $100 In 24 Hours – A simple way to make $100 with YouTube


Cheap Traffic Method – A paid traffic method to get thousands of people to your links


How To Finally Get Free Traffic To Tour Links – Another method for more traffic, this time for free


How To Make Money With Bing Ads – A full Bing Ads course by Jono Armstrong


A Proven System For Massive Traffic – More traffic methods to bring your more sales


The Secret To Making 10K Per Month – When you are ready to scale, this is how you make the big bucks


How To Build An Email List Fast And Free [Case Study] – A case study from me of a new method that’s making me money right now


How To Get 1m YouTube Subscribers – If you’re now scared to put yourself out there, this is how you explode your YouTube channel


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Important: When anyone asks me what they need to succeed online, my answer is always the same: Coaching.

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