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Instant Passive System 

Instant Passive System is a method that Anthony has been using in the past year to make money online.  And that is providing traffic as a solo ad seller.

Providing traffic is high demand right now, and where there is demand there is money to be made.

OTO 1 – $27

Affiliate Blueprint

A lot of newbies don’t know the importants of an Affiliate Sales Funnel. In OTO 1 you will learn exactly how to build a sales funnel and build your own email list using solo ad traffic.

The best part is, you’ll get to be able to use the profits you earn in the instant passive system to build this email list.

That means you don’t need to invest any money from your own pocket. Plus you will be making extra money on the side, because you will learn exactly how to set everything up.

OTO 2 – $47

Google PPC Success Kit

In Google PPC Kit I will learn how to generate MMO leads from google. Not only that but you will learn all about the Affiliate Sales Funnel Blueprint.

That will allow you to generate mmo leads through an affiliate sales funnel, generating more commissions and money in the bank.

The best part is, you’ll be able to use the profits you earn in the instant passive system to build this email list.

OTO 3 – $97

Done For You Service

In the Done For You Service, Anthony offers his time to build everything up.

He will create the Affiliate Sales Funnel for you using the tools that he personally uses.

Not only that but he will offer you a Free Coaching Call, to explain you exactly how to use the funnel.

If you want to tap into Google PPC Anthony will also set this up for you, where he will build a campaign and optimize the campaign for up to 2 weeks.

Free Coaching is also included for you if you are interested in generating leads from Google ads PPC.

OTO 4 – $197


Anthony will sit with you one on one and walk you through everything on how to get started as a solo ad reseller.

He will walk you through two different setups, if you want to just be a reseller, or also build your own email list.

Which one you would prefer he will give you 1 month support for building up your funnel and the skills required to become a solo ad seller, without having to pay for high ticket coaching.


Cynthia Benitez